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NEW FL3X Config 1.1

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FL3X Config is even fairer, simpler and more transparent.

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FL3X Config – Next level configuration software

STAR® is developing the vehicle networking software of the future

FL3X Config is now available and replaces FlexConfig RBS. Since FL3X Config can do much more than restbus simulation, the addition RBS is removed. FL3X Config is even fairer, simpler, and more transparent.

New: FL3X Switch 1000BASE-T1

FL3X Switch 1000BASE-T1 is one of the first 1000BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet Switches that provides various filter mechanisms in addition to the switch function. For each port of the switch, criteria can be defined that enable the blocking of certain data traffic on this port.


Application examples

State-of-the-art technology for all applications:

Complex vehicle electronics require the right tools and equipment. We’ll find the best possible solution for every problem.

  • Rest bus simulation

  • Gateway

  • Signal manipulation

  • User Function

  • Logging

  • Visualization

Anwendungsbeispiel der STAR ELECTRONICS FlexDevice Produkte.

The right tool for your vehicle networking

STAR COOPERATION ® manufactures custom-fit hardware and software for vehicle networking and vehicle electronics. In addition, we offer standard and individual special tools for precise measurement and simulation technology as well as sophisticated control technology. Discover our portfolio.

FlexSwitch 1000BASE-T1

FlexSwitch1000BASE-T1 is one of the first 1000BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet Switches on the market and can also score with special filter mechanisms. For each port of the switch, criteria can be defined that allow blocking of certain traffic on that port.


The multifunctional bus control unit FlexDevice-L² supports the current and upcoming bus systems and has numerous variable interfaces, thus covering most of the application fields where bus interfaces are required.

FlexConfig RBS

FlexConfig RBS ist eine Software für die Erstellung von echtzeitfähigen Restbussimulationen und Gateways. Die erzeugte Konfiguration läuft unabhängig auf einer separaten Hardware.

FlexConfig SDK

FlexConfig SDK is a .NET lib for the easy access of automotive bus systems in your own windows applications. The Library supports a wide range of automotive network description formats like AUTOSAR (.arxml) or CANdb.

FlexCard PXIe3.

FlexCard PXIe3

The FlexCard PXIe3 combines a high-performance platform for real-time capable remaining bus simulations or gateways and up to 30 channel* measuring interface for automotive bus systems in one device.

FlexMedia 1000BASE-T1.

FlexMedia 1000BASE-T1

The FlexMedia 1000BASE-T1 is a converter for 1000BASE-T1 to 1000BASE-TX and vice versa. With the FlexMedia 1000BASE-T1, it is possible to connect an automotive Ethernet network to a standard PC for testing or diagnostic purposes.

About us
Zwei STAR ELECTRONICS Experten führen eine Restbus Simulation mit einem FlexDevice durch.

STAR COOPERATION® FL3X Device product family

several years of know-how and enthusiasm

We are your competent partner in the field of networking technology and automotive electronics. For more than 20 years we have been represented by almost all of the leading OEMs and their suppliers.


FL3X Academy

Knowledge for your success

Benefit from our STAR® experts’ knowledge and many years of experience! Find the right FL3X Training for your use in our Academy, or get practical support from our how-to videos.

Ein STAR ELECTRONICS Experte erklärt Kunden die Funktionalitäten der FlexDevices.
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