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FL3X Config 1.2 – available now. | STAR ELECTRONICS

STAR® presents – FL3X Config 1.2 with expanded functionality.

Offering powerful performance combined with simple and intuitive operation, without the need to program - FL3X Config 1.2 is now available free of charge in the download portal, with new features for residual bus simulations, signal manipulation and gateways.

Goeppingen, 30.04.2024 – FL3X Config 1.2

Create gateway configurations or restbus simulations with only a few clicks and without extensive programming knowledge. Simple drag & drop commands in combination with the graphical user interface enable intuitive handling. FL3X Config supports all common bus systems such as CAN (-FD, -HS), FlexRay, Standard Ethernet, Automotive Ethernet (100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1), LIN and SENT. Save your setups in FLEX Config and open them afterwards in FLEX Config mobile - you always have the same content available on both systems.

With the new release of the successful software (for PCs and as an Android app), bus data can be analyzed and traced. Traces can now be imported and exported, making it possible to analyze the data at any time, rather than only at runtime. Another new feature is the ability to configure complete calculations in accordance with AUTOSAR and apply them to E2E-secured elements. This functionality can be used without enabling an OEM environment and is thus available to every user.

By implementing the Capture Model Protocol (CMP), the first projects have already been successfully implemented. Here, a FL3X Interface sends bus data to an external logger for storage. This opens up new possibilities for using the FL3X product family as a bus adapter.

Release 1.2 also offers an extended API in the UserFunction Editor; the "Version String" and "Timestamp" of the project can now be accessed. This makes it easier to validate the project and its version. For the "network management" use case, the source of the wake-up call can be read out via an API in the UserFunction Editor. This makes it possible, for example, to recognize whether Bus_A or Bus_B triggered the wake-up.

The generation of ID-Defines has been significantly optimized. In the last versions of FL3X Config, it was already possible to import manipulations into a running project, or to read or set values of database elements (e.g. signals) via the ID-Defines. Now, all information regarding the ID-Define elements and their mapping in the database is provided next to the ID-Defines, which makes it possible to navigate through the database hierarchy (e.g.: Bus -> Channel -> ECU -> Frame -> PDU -> Signal).

FL3X Config 1.2 supports switching the timings of a PDU at runtime. In certain scenarios, a PDU can be sent with almost any timing. Another new feature is the ability to display, read and write signal update bits and signal group update bits in the UserFunction Editor.

Another outstanding feature is the endpoint configuration, which allows customization of MAC and IP addresses. This makes it easy to correct any missing or incorrect information in a database.

With Release 1.2, STAR® offers improved, more powerful software that makes working with bus systems more efficient and precise.


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