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FlexDevice-L and FlexDevice-L² Revision 3 | STAR ELECTRONICS

FlexDevice-L and FlexDevice-L² Revision 3

The new generations of the FlexDevice product family

Göppingen, 30.03.2021 – FlexDevice Revision 3

We constantly innovate our product portfolio on a regular basis. The FlexDevice-L as well as the FlexDevice-L² have been redesigned. The Revision 3 device series is now available. WiFi is included with every Revision 3 FlexDevice-L and FlexDevie-L², as well as an externally accessible microSD card slot that is integrated to facilitate the rapid swapping of memory. Revision 1 devices are no longer up-todate and have therefore already been removed from the supplier portfolio. From FlexConfig RBS 5.3 onwards, support for the FlexDevice-L and FlexDevice-L² from Revision 1 will also therefore be discontinued. It is no longer possible to create or edit projects for this device revision.


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