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FlexConfig SDK 1.2 now available | STAR ELECTRONICS



Göppingen, 26.05.2021 – FlexConfig SDK 1.2

New functions:

FlexConfig SDK is developed and adapted on an ongoing basis to user requirements. The new release 1.2 now supports automotive Ethernet networks in addition to the CAN-HS, CAN-FD and FlexRay bus systems. In addition to this, it is now also possible to receive and interpret SOME/IP messages.

Brief description:

Many engineers, computer scientists and technicians have to face the challenge of expanding their test bench or application software to include access to automotive bus systems, such as Automotive Ethernet, CAN or FlexRay. Once you have solved the first challenge of integrating the bus systems with the help of a suitable interface and appropriate driver, it is then followed by an interpretation of the received data. Various hurdles also have to be overcome here, too. Different standards per OEM and different database formats make this even more difficult. To date, it has been necessary to invest a disproportionate amount of time in this.

FlexConfig SDK from STAR ELECTRONICS offers a comprehensive and simple solution for this integration. A simple integration of the .NET library into your Windows application enables you to have quick and convenient access to a wide variety of bus systems, such as CAN-HS, CAN-FD or FlexRay and Automotive Ethernet. There is already support for a wide range of common network description formats such as FIBEX, AUTOSAR (.arxml) and CANdb. FlexConfig SDK allows new possibilities to be opened up to you through the independent interpretation of the database and the resulting automatic conversion of the raw data into physical values.

You can now expand your analysis of data and logging applications – test benches, hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) systems, etc. – with convenient access to automotive bus systems. With a wide range of supported devices in the FlexDevice and FlexCard family, very cost-effective and perfectly tailored solutions can be realised for your specific use cases.


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