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FlexConfig RBS 5.3 and FlexConfig Analyzer 4.1 | STAR ELECTRONICS

FlexConfig RBS 5.3 and FlexConfig ANALYZER 4.1

New features for combined strength

Göppingen, 20.05.2021 – FlexConfig RBS 5.3 und FlexConfig Analyzer 4.1

A new version of the intuitive and powerful software, FlexConfig RBS is ready. Create gateway configurations or rest bus simulations with just a few clicks and without extensive programming knowledge. It is also easy to configure logging and visualisation of bus data. Simple dragand-drop commands together with the graph user interface allows you to operate the system intuitively. FlexConfig RBS supports all common bus systems, such as CAN (-FD, -HS), FlexRay, Automotive Ethernet (100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1), LIN and SENT and transmits your bus data clearly to your PC or mobile device via WiFi or Ethernet. You can save the setups you have created in FlexConfig RBS and then open them in FlexConfig Analyzer – this way you can ensure you always have the same content on both systems.

With version 5.3 onwards, LIN bus systems can be conveniently configured in the GUI (user interface) of FlexConfig RBS. Both LIN Masters and LIN Slaves can very easily be simulated by loading the appropriate network description format in LDF format (.ldf).

As you would expect, FlexConfig RBS supports all common security features, such as TLS, IPSec or AUTOSAR SecOC. It is also easy to implement various time synchronisation mechanisms, e.g. PTP Master/Slave according to 802.1AS / IEEE1588 PTP or AUTOSAR Timesync, as well as setting up a Boundary Clock.

The FlexConfig Analyzer visualization unit that is integrated in FlexConfig RBS for Windows, and as a separate APP for Android (version 4.1), offers a wide range of instruments for visualisation and analysis. Using various widgets such as Line Chart, Bar Chart, Tacho and Lamp, it is possible to optimally visualise signal values depending on how you are using them.

The previous visualisation options for CAN, LIN and FlexRay data have been expanded in the current release so that it also covers Automotive Ethernet including SOME/IP. Data within an Automotive Ethernet network can therefore now be clearly displayed using the current graphic elements.


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