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FlexCard PCIe3 / PXIe3 now available | STAR ELECTRONICS

FlexCard PCIe3 / PXIe3

TRIED, TESTED AND NEWLY DESIGNED - FlexDevice enters the measurement environment

Göppingen, 19.01.2021 – FlexCard PCIe3 / PXIe3 now available

STAR COOPERATION expands its product portfolio. The proven advantages of the FlexDevice product series are now being implemented in measuring systems. The FlexCard PCIe3 and the FlexCard PXIe3 now offer the option of integrating remaining bus simulations or gateways capable of working in real-time in their measurement environments. The advantages are obvious: The interface card offers a high degree of flexibility due to the pluggable transceiver modules for CAN-HS, CAN-FD, FlexRay, 100BASE-TX, LIN, SENT, 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1. No matter what the future has in store, FlexCard users will be well equipped for future automotive bus systems. The modular design allows up to 30 channels per card, depending on the combination. Several FlexCards can be operated time-synchronously. The generation of synchronous time stamps for most bus interfaces is up to 1 us.

FlexCard PXIe3.

A full calculation of the remaining bus simulation and gateway is carried out onboard on the

integrated Altera Cyclone processor (ARM Cortex-A9 Dual Core CPU). This means that the main processor for the measuring system is not overloaded and is fully available for other


This architecture enables a decoupled parallel operation of FlexConfig RBS and interface mode. This outcome of this innovation is short latent periods and better real-time behaviour. In addition to the Windows 10 (64-bit) driver, STAR now also offers a Driver for Linux (Kernel 5.4) including Linux Preempt support (real-time Linux).

This powerful combination provides versatile solutions for:

  • Gateways between different vehicle bus systems

  • Connection of vehicle bus systems

  • Fixed bus simulation

  • Signal manipulation

  • Data collection

  • Rapid prototyping

Technical data:

  • Integrated Altera Cyclone V SoC (integrated ARM Cortex-A9 dual core CPU)

  • Up to 4 FlexRay controllers (4 Bosch E-Ray cores)*

  • Up to 8 FlexRay channels (4 channel A and 4 channel B) available at bus connections*

  • 2 FlexRay-CCs can be connected internally (Self-Sync)

  • Up to 10 CAN-HS bus interfaces*

  • Up to 10 CAN-FD bus interfaces*

  • Up to 7 separate 100BASE-T1 bus interfaces or 15 switched 100BASE-T1 channels*

  • Switchable onboard bus termination

  • Support for wake-up/sleep mode (wake-up via FlexRay or CAN)

  • Generation of synchronous time stamps for all bus interfaces (resolution up to 1 us)

  • 2 trigger inputs or outputs

  • Gateway and/or remaining bus simulations can be run autonomously on the integrated ARM Cortex-A9 CPU without affecting the PCIe host system (PC).

  • The bus data can therefore be transferred to the PCIe host system at a high performance level and without influencing the execution of gateway/remaining bus simulations.

* Several bus combinations are possible. Users are encouraged to contact STAR COOPERATION regarding their desired bus configuration.


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