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FL3X Training LIN & SENT

We provide you with the necessary specialist knowledge! Learn everything about the LIN & SENT in our 1-day event. You will then receive the documents shown in English. You can also decide where your individual training will take place: at the STAR® location in Göppingen, at your site or online.


Training content LIN

  • LIN Overview with respect to Automotive Domain

  • LIN Physical layer

    • LIN Bus Logic (Dominant & Recessive)

    • LIN Bus voltage

    • LIN Transceiver

    • LIN Serial Interface

    • LIN Connectors

    • LIN Bus Error Analysis in Oscilloscope

  • LIN Data Transmission

    • LIN Master/Slave Tasks

    • The Principle of LIN Schedule Table

    • LIN Frame Format

    • LIN Frame Types

    • LIN Frame Header

    • LIN Frame Response

    • LIN Communication Workflow

    • PID/Checksum Calculation in the LIN Data frame format

  • LIN Error Handling

    • LIN Error detection mechanisms

Training content SENT

  • SENT Overview with respect to Automotive Domain

  • SENT Physical layer

    • SENT Physical Layer Topology

    • SENT Connectors

    • Bus Wiring Harshness and ECU Connectors

    • Oscilloscope traces of SENT Fast/Slow Channel transmission

  • SENT Data Transmission

    • Basic Definition for SENT Terminology

    • SENT Fast Channel Data Frame Format

      • Standard Format

      • Single Secure Message Format

      • High Speed Format

    • SENT Slow Channel Data Frame Format

      • Short Serial Message

      • Enhanced Serial Message

    • Data Encoding Method for SENT Formats


Your advantages

  • Short 1-day training

  • Lots of practical exercises

  • Suitable for beginners as well as advanced users

  • Solution strategies and explanation of internal mechanisms of action for defining complex problems


Then take a look at the detailed description of our training courses including the agenda. Or simply contact us directly for your individual FL3X Training offer.


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