Privacy Policy for FL3X Config mobile

Document Date:

October 10th 2023

1.1    Privacy Policy

STAR ELECTRONICS GmbH & Co. KG takes the protection of your data very seriously. Your data will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations and this privacy policy.

The use of our app is possible without the processing of personal data.

With the purchase of the app, the data protection provisions of the sales platform apply.

A user manual provides information about the usage options and data processing within the app.

We point out that data transmission on the Internet can have security gaps.

If you use data classified as secret within the app, please activate the protective measures of the operating system, as despite the encryption used by the app, complete protection of the data from access by third parties can never be guaranteed.

1.2    Explanation of the used permissions

1.2.1 Internet Access

We do not transfer any data that allows conclusions to be drawn about your person. Furthermore, in no case information about your projects or information from bus databases will be transferred.

1.2.2 Audio Recording

Audio recording is required for recording audio logs. The app records audio only after explicit activation and does not transmit audio logs over the Internet under any circumstances.

Please note that depending on the legal situation in the country of use, other persons present must be informed that audio recordings are taking place.

1.2.3 Location Access

Android requires this permission to use Wi-Fi, since these networks can theoretically be used to capture the exact location. FL3X Config mobile uses Wi-Fi only to exchange data with our hardware. Your location is not processed by us in any case.

1.2.4 Memory Access

This permission is needed to access the device memory. This is necessary for the basic functionalities of the app:

1.2.5 Vibration

To trigger a configured vibration alarm.

1.3    Privacy Policy for Google Play Console

The FL3X Config mobile application is distributed via the Google Play Store and is linked to this service. Via the Google Play Console, Google provides Star Electronics GmbH & Co. KG various information about the users of our app. This includes, for example, the operating system versions used or the countries of origin of our users. The data is completely anonymized and does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual users.

More information on the use of data by Google:

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